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Super offer! New penthouse with sea views in Villajoyosa

Property price: € 860.000







Square meter



First sea line! Profitability of 30-50%! First place on the real estate market! A rare chance to invest and earn money quickly! Do not miss the opportunity!

An amazing offer – a new project on the FIRST SEA LINE! Only 2 minutes from the beach! Luxury residential complex! One of the most interesting new developments! The pearl of the Costa Blanca!

Why is this residential complex unique?

In Spain the number of coastal land for construction is very limited. Especially, on the first sea line of the sand and pebble beach, especially in the eucalyptus grove, especially in close proximity to the most popular resort of Spain – the city of Benidorm, where the brightest entertainments, the best in Europe sunny beaches, great clubs, different restaurants, water parks, zoos, amusement parks, magnificent excursions and boat trips are.

What are the advantages of this residential complex?

There are lots of undeniable advantages! First, a favorable location: on the first sea line of the most beautiful bay, inside the green protected area and at the same time just 3 minutes from the large tourist city of Benidorm. No multistory buildings built nearby in the future.

– Golf fields – 10-minutes drive.

– Downtown of Villajoyosa with its restaurants and cafes – 4-minutes drive.

– Supermarkets, shopping and entertainment center La Marina, La Cala district – 5-minutes drive.

– Within walking distance there are 2 grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and bus stops.

– Alicante airport is 35 minutes by car.

– The amusement parks Terra Mítica and Iberia Park, Terra Natura zoo and water park Aqua Natura, karting and other entertainment and shopping places are only 5-10 minutes by car or 10-15 minutes by bus.

Second, modern architecture! Low-rise buildings, materials of the best brands and manufacturers, first-class interior decoration, complete central air-conditioning system, equipped kitchen, powerful hood, high-quality ceramic tiles, double glazing, entrance doors with improved security system, underground garage and storages.

Come and live! Only for property owners – heated pool and summer pool, SPA, gym, sun beds and umbrellas, beautiful green park areas, playgrounds for children. It is possible to place a Jacuzzi on the upper terrace of the penthouses, from where magnificent panoramic views open! Inside territory is equipped with video security system.

A delightful view of the Mediterranean Sea from the terraces and balconies!

Is it a safe investment?

The safety of investments is guaranteed by the Spanish bank. The buyer pays reservation amount, thus securing the property for himself. The remaining amount is paid according to the agreed terms, and each payment is secured by a bank guarantee. That is, in simple words, the funds are kept in a special account and the developer has no right to use it until the fulfillment of his obligations established in the signed sales contract. In case of default by the developer, bank returns all paid funds to the buyer.

No financial loss!

Who can buy?

This is the best offer for those who want to buy property in a prestigious residential complex on the first beach line on the sunny coast of Costa Blanca. It is an excellent choice for private life and making profit! Don’t miss the chance to become an owner of luxury real estate! We recommend this residential complex as a profitable acquisition and successful investment!

How much is it?

Prices from the developer! The prices for new ultra modern seafront apartments and townhouses are lower than in other popular Spanish resort cities!

At the moment the prices for the first beach line real estate are very low! Since the beginning of construction prices have already increased several times and are expected to rise more

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom 270.000€.
2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms 361.000€ – 550.000€.
3 Bedrooms / 2 bathrooms from 421.000€ – 650.000€.
3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 925.000€.

3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms from 785,000€ – 950,000€.
3 Bedrooms / 4 bathrooms 1.100.000€.
4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 898.000€ – 945.000€.

Townhouses with their own plot of land, terrace and barbecue:
2 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 350.000€.
3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 455.000€.
3 Bedrooms / 4 bathrooms 612.500€ – 750.000€.
4 Bedrooms / 3 bathrooms 600.000€.

The price of 1 sqm varies from 1.923€ to 6.075€, depending on the floor and sea view.


How much it is possible to earn?

It is the most profitable investment project that only in the first 12 months will bring profit up to 30-50% of the invested capital (even before the end of construction of the whole residential complex!). Real high income without complex schemes and business processes! Profitable rental is guaranteed!

In other words, it will be possible to sell apartments for at least 50-70.000€ more and townhouses for at least 100.000€ more, and even more expensive in 2 years.

When is the best time to buy?

Now! Prices in the residential complex are going up! There is a high demand for properties of this type and a very limited number of offers on the real estate market. Prices are forecast to rise in the next 10 years! We advise you to hurry up, because our clients and we ourselves have already bought more than 50 properties in this residential complex.

The first phase of construction is sold out! In the second and third phases there are only several properties left!

How to buy?

Very easy! You can apply for up to 60% mortgage. Non-residents need to pay 40% + 10% VAT within a year and the remaining 60% + 10% VAT should be paid on the date of the deed signing at the notary. Non-residents are given 60% under 3,6 – 4,5% per annum for 15 – 25 years. Mortgage borrower should be no more than 75 years before the end of all payments.

About 12,5-13,5% are fees, taxes and other expenses (VAT, mortgage study, property insurance, translations, issue of a check, fees, taxes, etc.).

– 10% – VAT – is paid with each payment in a corresponding amount.

– 1,5% – new development tax, if it is not the main one, or 0.1% – new development tax, if it is purchased as the main housing for living in it for more than 6 months a year.

– 1-1,5% – registration and notary fees when buying a property.

– 0,5% – lawyer assistance, arrangement of supply contracts.

Terms of payment for phase 3:

for non-residents and non-fiscal residents:

– 6.000-12.000€ – reservation – depending on the property price – 48 hours from the moment of signing the reservation contract.

– 20% of the cost + 10% VAT (less the reservation amount) – within the signing of the sales contract – 30 days after reservation.

– 10% of the cost + 10% VAT – in six months after the signing of the sales contract.

– 10% of the cost + 10% VAT – in twelve months after the signing of the sales contract.

– 60% of the cost + 10% VAT – balance, during the signing of the deed at the notary – January 2023.

Buy for yourself or invest while there is an opportunity and get a high income!

Recently Spanish real estate sales statistics has grown steadily. There is an increased demand for new developments in the Costa Blanca region, where the resorts are open 365 days a year. It is here where two types of the lucrative business and highly profitable investments in Spain thrive:

– Buy-To-Let,

– Purchase of properties under construction in order to sell it after construction is finished with the price increased by 30-50%.

This type of investment provides you with a stable income at minimal risk!

Action plan after making a decision:

Step 1. Signing of the reservation contract and payment of the reservation amount of 6.000€/12.000€ – depending on the property price.

All transfers of funds to the developer are made by bank transfer only, non-cash. Therefore, the reservation amount may be transferred from any account of any country of your citizenship or residence or paid in cash through the current account of our company. The buyer receives the reservation payment confirmation with the buyer’s details and the reservation contract signed by both parties. If the buyer refuses to purchase, the deposit is not refundable. If the developer refuses to sell, the deposit is returned in double amount.

Step 2. Signing of the sales contract and payment of 20% + 10% VAT.

Sales contract preparation period – within 2-4 weeks from the reservation payment date and reservation contract signing. 20% of the cost + 10% VAT (less the previously paid reservation amount) are paid from the buyer’s Spanish bank account. If necessary, sales contract preparation period can be extended.

Step 3. Payment of 10% + 10% VAT.

Payment of 10% of the cost + 10% VAT is transferred from the buyer’s Spanish bank account in six months after signing the sales contract.

Step 4. Payment of 10% + 10% VAT.

Payment of 10% of the cost + 10% VAT is transferred from the buyer’s Spanish bank account in twelve months after signing the sales contract.

Step 5. Signing of the “Escritura” (the deed) at the notary and payment of 60% + 10% VAT.

It is possible to borrow up to 60% mortgage, which should be arranged 1-2 months prior to the signing of the deed at the notary. If needed, our company will provide you with a list of all necessary documents.

The remaining 60% + 10% VAT are to be paid at the signing of the deed at the notary in the form of a Spanish bank check, ordered and issued in advance in the buyer’s Spanish bank. Payment of the remaining amount under the contract and the signing of the “escritura” at the notary is the confirmation of the transfer of ownership, and the buyer becomes an owner. After signing the “escritura”, the notary informs Property Register about the completed transaction, which, in turn, registers the new owner and in 2-3 days it is already possible to receive the corresponding official document “Nota Simple” with the information about the new property owner.

Lawyer Assistance

For complete control over the purchase procedure from the very beginning to the final registration at the Property Register, we recommend Spanish lawyer assistance. We have already made a number of deals at this residential complex, so our lawyer has already studied and checked all the developer’s documents. Nevertheless, the construction is not completed yet, and the signing of the deed at the notary is ahead, therefore assistance of experienced Spanish lawyer is highly recommended. He is a responsible person for each stage of the transaction, and he is the one who checks the bank guarantee for each payment.

As a general rule, lawyer’s fee is 1% of the cost, but for our clients who purchase property in this residential complex, there is a very good offer – only 0,5% of the cost. Our lawyer checks all the documentation and in addition arranges water and electricity supply contracts, contract with community (“comunidad”), real estate tax registration, re-registration of real estate tax and garbage tax, tax registration of foreigner’s NIE identification number, etc., as well as verification of the bank guarantee issued by the developer for each payment under the sales contract. It is extremely important to check the correctness of the issued bank guarantee, because before the transfer of ownership it is one of the most important documents that guarantees the return of funds in case of default by the developer.

The buyer himself should deal with all of the above issues or hire someone, but it costs more than 0,5% of the price, so we agreed to include all these issues in lawyer assistance.

Cost reduction for our customers

1. Buyers don’t have to pay us; we get a commission from the developer. The developer of this residential complex doesn’t provide any discounts to anyone.

2. Our company provides real estate service to the developer and acts as a translator during the entire purchase procedure, as well as during the signing of the “escritura” at the notary.

3. Spanish banks only accept certified translations of all foreign language documents done by Spanish legal interpreters. The cost is 50€ per page. There is a very good offer for our clients purchasing property in this residential complex – only 30€ per page.

4. Bank commission for issuing a banking check is 0,4% of the amount. There is a very good offer for our clients purchasing property in this residential complex – 40% discount on condition that real estate insurance is done in the insurance company of our partner – Sabadell Bank, plus additional bonuses, therefore, with our help, issuing a banking check costs a maximum of 100-300€.

Thus, we minimize the costs of our customers on translations and interpreters, on bank commission and other services that accompany the purchase of real estate in Spain.

Necessary documents for opening a Spanish bank account:

1) Pre-contract (reservation contract, letter of intent) for the purchase of a real estate.

2) Full name of the future bank account owner, address of residence, a valid postal address (in Latin letters), profession, job position, tax identification number and international passport (copy of all pages).

As a rule personal presence is required at the opening of a bank account. But, if needed, we can open an account without your presence (thanks to a long-time and successful work with the bank!). In this case, it is necessary to sign all banking documents and send it at our email. The original documents you will sign upon arrival in Spain.

3) A cash flow statement of your current account for the last 6 months. If the statement is done in English or Spanish, then the translation is not needed. If the statement is done in any other language, please, send it at our email, and we will arrange the certified translation.

4) Income document(s) or employment certificate for the last 12 months. If the documents are done in English or Spanish, then the translation is not needed. If the documents are done in any other language, please, send it at our email, and we will arrange the certified translation.

We order certified translations for all foreign language documents at the Spanish legal interpreters registered in Spain!

If desired, you may order certified translations for all foreign language documents into Spanish at the Spanish Embassy or Spanish Consulate in the country of your citizenship or residence.


It takes about 2-3 days to check all translated documents and to make the new bank account operative. To activate your new account it is necessary to make a transfer of any amount from the bank of the country of your citizenship or residence.

As a rule Spanish bank asks to confirm the origin of funds for the purchase. Any document from the last 10 years will do: income and salary documents, the sale of real estate or vehicle, loan agreements, dividends and royalties, etc., that show the origin of the money.

Profitable income from luxury rental and property resale!

Our company is a buyer of several properties as well. Our aim is to open an office of elite rentals, property management and resale at a higher price than during the construction period. These types of service we will provide for our customers who bought property with the help of our company.

Due to the shortage of offers, there is a high demand for luxury real estate, both for holiday, and for renting, which is a very profitable business for us and our investors. Sales in this residential complex go on tremendously fast and prices have already risen several times since the beginning of construction.

The first phase of construction is sold out! In the second and third phases, there are only several properties left!

We accompany our clients through the entire process up to the final registration at the Property Register; we constantly send buyers videos and photos of the construction progress!

If you have any questions, please, contact us, and we will give you all the details!

And once again we remind you of the unique features of the complex:


We would like to tell you a few words about the sandy-pebble beach Playa del Torres, if you go in the direction of Benidorm. It is one of the worthy beaches of the coast, meeting the requirements of both a classic beach holiday and water sports: windsurfing, skiing and sailing. The very location of the Playa del Torres beach is extremely advantageous: both in a beautiful bay and in a green area and just 3 minutes from the large tourist city of Benidorm. A spacious parking lot has been designed near the beach.

Even the Romans appreciated this place as truly peaceful, with the sound of waves and rustle of trees, and left the tower of San Jose as a legacy. It is an oversized and truly significant monument of the Roman era on the Iberian Peninsula – the so-called “visiting card” of Valencian archaeology. The main body is rectangular with pilasters ending in Corinthian capitals. For the Romans, such a structure bore the character of an inviolable temple and was built without any entrance, completely closed from all sides. For a touch of the country’s living culture, we recommend you to visit the typical Spanish beach cafe – chiringuito – a meeting place for friendly parties. Plus, on the beach there is a well-known El Trébol restaurant with delicious natural seafood dishes and an extensive entertainment program dedicated to various themes and holidays.

Between the beach and the restaurant there is an eucalyptus grove buried in greenery – the only one in this part of the coast. This is the most delightful place on the entire Costa Blanca! It has been proven that eucalyptus essential oils combined with the sea air produce a rejuvenating effect. Locals call the evergreen tree the “diamond of the forests” and the “tree of life”! Olive trees also grow here, and right next to the beach there is a pine reserve, within which the entire natural complex is under state protection. A captivating combination of pine scent, clean air and sea breeze! Multistory buildings will not be erected nearby – only low-rise buildings.

Currently, a unique luxury residential complex with penthouses, townhouses and apartments with indescribable sea views is under construction on the first line of the beach. This is one of the most exciting construction projects! The pearl of the Costa Blanca! First-class interior decoration, materials from the best brands and manufacturers, heated pool, spa, gym, parks, playgrounds for children and a video surveillance system for the interior.

Relaxation is absolutely essential in today’s world. Fortunately, there are still places on our planet where there is calmness and silence, where you can achieve harmony in the lap of nature.

Playa del Torres is a great place to relax and sunbathe. Here you can fully enjoy those beauties that open to your eyes – crystal clear water of amazing color and contemplation of nature.

Property details:

  • City: Villajoyosa
  • Square m2: 103
  • Total Rooms: 4
  • Type: Penthouse

Location Details

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Property price: € 860.000







Square meter


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